Are your students interested in a career in the fashion industry?

At DYLFL we help fashion creatives at all stages of their careers. Whether it’s preparing to apply for fashion school or for that next-level position in the industry, we love seeing people uncover, accelerate and profoundly express their creative talents.

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Starting out in a fashion design career…

Fashion design is a highly creative and competitive industry. Fashion schools and employers are looking for carefully curated portfolios that show the designers' taste-level, point-of-view, and degree of fashion awareness/relevance. Intuitive design, Photoshop, and Illustrator skills are minimum industry requirements.


Students can build confidence in their abilities, and get a head start via our concentrated online classes. Tailored and limited to small, dedicated groups, students thrive in a creative and nurturing environment.

No prior design or CAD experience is required for the following courses:  


Photoshop Fundamentals X Portfolio Collage is for students who have little to no Photoshop skills. In this class, they will understand the importance of project planning, discover their unique style by completing a Creativity Map, learn the basics of the professional workflow, tools and techniques in Photoshop, and how to deliver files in the right size and format.


Illustrator Fundamentals X T-Shirt Flats is for students who have little to no Illustrator skills. In this class, they will quickly be able to effectively navigate and use the hardest tool—the Pen Tool. Students will learn how to draw industry-standard technical and stylized flat sketches of a garment, design in their unique style, develop custom patterns and colorways, and discover the importance of layout design.


First Fashion Folio is for students who have already acquired basic Photoshop and Illustrator skills. In this class, they will connect to the fashion Zeitgeist, design, and create a cohesive body of work that demonstrates their point-of-view around a central, relevant theme, and create their online portfolio.


A little about DYLFL

DYLFL is owned by Hunter Publishing Corporation and was founded in 2007 by Victoria Hunter. An award-winning fashion design student and instructor, Victoria has helped over 3,400 students learn about fashion design. She attributes her success to a fun energetic vibe, combined with a systematic teaching strategy.

Hunter received a Bachelor of Arts Specializing in Fashion Design from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, is a published author on the subject of fashion design and generating creativity, and has a line of printed leggings.


Let’s Talk About Fashion

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