Who We Help and How

Want to get into a prestige fashion school, start your own fashion line or pitch to employers and investors?


At DYLFL we offer innovative hybrid courses to small, dedicated groups of future fashion designers who want to find their niche and build thriving fashion futures for themselves, their communities, and their planet.


What We Strive For

We want our students to learn how to:

  • Differentiate themselves with a unique signature design style
  • Become innovative and responsible fashion leaders
  • Be current and relevant in an ever-evolving industry
  • Be commercially-minded and customer-focused
  • Navigate the terminology and workings of the fashion industry
  • Produce digital work to industry-standards
  • Build resilience with mindset, organization, and time-management skills 


Our Story

Hunter Publishing Corporation, the owner of DYLFL, was founded in 2007 by Victoria Hunter, a specialist in fashion education.

An award-winning fashion design student and instructor, Victoria has helped over 3,500 students learn about fashion design. She attributes her success to a fun energetic vibe, combined with a current, systematic teaching strategy.

“Our courses use methods that not only streamline the overall process to fewer materials with higher impact but leave students with a lasting blueprint.” 

Hunter received a Bachelor of Arts Specializing in Fashion Design from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, and is a published author on the subject of fashion design and generating creativity.


What Our Clients and Students Think


“Your optimism has motivated me during such discouraging and trying times. Your standards have forced me to be better and challenged me in ways I’m so grateful for. This is so sappy, but you need to know how much of an influence/inspiration you are to all of us.”

- Alyssa


“Professor Hunter, I cannot truly express how grateful I am for absolutely everything. Your patience, enthusiasm, understanding, motivation, and kindness has moved me and I am so thankful I had the pleasure to know you as a teacher. Thank you.” 

- Nathan 


You make everything seem possible and I really appreciate the care, motivation, and inspiration you give us students every week. You're truly a treasure of an instructor.  

- Kamryn 


“Dear Miss Hunter. I just wanted to say THANK YOU. I’m currently working as Production Manager for a children's wear line, doing everything from concept to production. I use Photoshop and Illustrator all day, every day and there’s literally nothing I cannot do thanks to the detailed level of skills you taught us in our classes.”

- Krystal 


“Words can’t describe how wonderful this woman is… I’ll turn my whole schedule upside down to take a class with her. She makes it so enjoyable. She’s hilarious, silly, energetic, kind, respectful, gives constructive criticism, and is more helpful than any teacher I’ve ever had at any school. Seriously, take her!”

- Anonymous 


“I love her as a person and teacher! She’s really goofy and fun, also just sweet and nice as a person. Very knowledgeable AND CLEAR. Always helps when you ask and I’m rarely ever confused about anything in her class.”

- Anonymous


“Love her! She made everything so simple and took a class that could have been overwhelming and walked you through it. Lots of homework, but it is what you will be doing in the industry if you become a designer. Definitely taking her again for ANY class she teaches.”

- Anonymous


“I LOVE HER! Such a great teacher! I learned so much and she was always willing to help! Never had favorites… She is so knowledgeable about Illustrator and Photoshop! I highly recommend you take her class!”

- Anonymous


“She is by far my favorite teacher… Her spunkiness keeps you interested and she’s so knowledgeable. …she breaks it down and tries to make it easy and fun for everyone. I highly recommend you take her…”

- Anonymous


“She’s extremely organized and well-rehearsed. She explains projects with clarity. I loved her as my teacher and learned a great deal.”

- Anonymous


“Mrs. Hunter is amazing! She is very helpful and caring... She really prepares you well and explains everything in class.”

- Anonymous


"She is professional, helpful, and a leader who exemplifies excellence. Victoria is by far the best and I took all of her classes because I want to only learn from the best."

- Anna


"Hunter is ONE OF A KIND. Not only is she passionate about teaching Photoshop but, she actually helps you to understand step-by-step as well as make you actually love learning. What more can you ask for? She’s the sweetest as well as super helpful so you won’t have to ever hesitate to ask her assistance! I took her again for my other class!”

- Anonymous


"She’s really nice and caring. She knows her material and teaches with step-by-step. She’s fun and cheerful too, so you won’t feel bored in the class.”

- Anonymous


"She is an amazing teacher ☺. I learned so much from her… She explains Photoshop and Illustrator very well. I recommend that everyone take her. She is also very helpful when a student asks for help. She is one of my favorite teachers.”

- Anonymous


"Extreme knowledge in all facets of fashion, very pleasant, and patient. I have used tutors for 10 years and quite often they are very knowledgeable but just can’t teach. Victoria is highly knowledgeable and an amazing teacher. Victoria is truly special because it is rare to find someone that listens. The combination of a tutor that is knowledgeable, can teach and listens is the most efficient with the best results. In 10 years I have only come across 2 and Victoria is one of them."

- Margaret


“Ms. Hunter was SUCH a great teacher. She is very straightforward and clear with the assignments and how she grades. I had her at 8.30 am and I had no problem staying awake because of her amazing energy and wonderful personality ☺. Would highly recommend!”

- Anonymous


"Victoria is not only a creative designer but a highly skilled digital artist and an exceptionally committed instructor. I give her my strongest support and highest recommendation."

- Sarah